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Prophetic Word for 2007
January 17th, 2007
Word for the Body of Christ

This is the year for the harvesting and the reaping of souls, God is saying that the harvest is ripe. The heart of the Body of Christ has to refocus back on God. Jesus heart beat is for souls, his purpose for coming to earth was to redeem mankind back to God. Our focus should always be about souls and soul winning.

Word for the Nations

God spoke to the prophet and said, great and small countries will be shaken this year. Many Nations will go into great financial crisis becuase of what is about to come.

Word for South Africa

The Lord led the Prohet to pray for souls in South Africa and spoke that there will be a great shaking in that nation like they have never seen.

Word for America

The Prophet was led to pray for President Busch and America. God spoke to the woman of God and said that the intercessors in America must rise up with serious intercesion and fasting. God said that this is a year of the out pouring of his spirit on his people but in order to receive the outpouring of the spirit of God the saints must stay in position.

To Gods People

The Holy spirit is restoring back the Holy things of God back into the Body of Christ. This year God wants us to focus on being quiet and still in his presence so that we can hear his voice clealy.

God wants to do something great in the saints this year but we must be in the right spiritual position to receive what God wants to do in our lives.