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Prophetic Word for 2008
February 1st, 2008
A Message to the Body of Christ

In January of 2008 during twenty one days of seeking the Lord in fasting and prayer, I wish to share with you what the Lord revealed to me during that time.

The first message is for the Body of Christ.

He said that 2008 is a year of consecration,dedication and commitment to the Lord. We must, (I stress) we must live our lives consecrated to God. You will know those who have consecrated and dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to the Lord. The purpose of the consecration is to prepare us for the move of God that is almost upon us. We must be in position for the outpouring of a new level of glory that he wants to give to his church. When the church is totally given over to his glory it will not be controlled by man. For to long the church has been controlled by man made programs,emotionalism and a counterfeit manifestation of the Holy Spirit. God wants to come and manifest his true presence amoung his children. He wants to bring healing,deliverance and to set the captives free. His words were ” I want to sit on you” let him sit on us this year.

He also revealed that there will be a sifting in the Body of Christ. He compared it to the wheat and the tares. There will be divisions and separations in big and small churches. Every ministry will be tried and tested in some way. God said ” In this move that is coming very few will have my word in their mouth. There will be many words spoken , but very few will be my words”.

He said that there is a rise in Satanic activities like never before. Not only in pockets of the world, as we tend to think but in every nation. For the most part, the Body of Christ is oblivious to it, becuase of the increase in Satanic activities we must make every effort to consecrate and dedicate ourselves to God to become pure vessels that he can use. It is only as consecrated vessels that we will receive his power which is needed to deal with the forces of evil in our homes,workplaces, and churches. Remember, we are Christ followers and soliders in his victorious army.

Let us truley return to following Christ and to pattern his example. He arose early in the morning to meet with his Father in prayer. (Mark1:35). Saints, we need that same power that Christ operated in while he was on the earth.

The Church is rich, but yet poor. We have become wealthy with natural blessing but poor in spriritual blessings. We have allowed ourselves to become crippled and powerless by prayerlessness and lack of hunger for intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Christ gave his power and authority to the believers when he left this earth, but we have failed to walk in it. ( 1John 14:12).

Allow me to share a little secret that God spoke to me during that time. He said that the heart of Jesus is longing for the bride to come away with him. Oh! how he longs for intimacy with his children. He is waiting for you to lay your head on his breast, so that you can hear his heart beat. (It is beating for souls,lost souls). As the Bride of Christ, let us adorn ourselves and allow the Holy Spirit to take us into his bedroom chamber. He is waiting patiently. Do not keep him waiting. Let us go in and receive the outpouring of his unfailing love;his peace that surpasses all understanding: and the joy that will give you so much contentment. Oh how sweet and gorious it is in his bedroom chambers. There is so much love that it melts your very soul. It is the love that many are looking for but you can only have it by slipping away with him. Peace, joy and everything that is needed in your life is found in his chambers. Saints, there is so much awaiting you, but it will require spending time with him in sweet fellowship and communion.

Let me alert you to what God expects of us. We are soliders in Christ’s army therefore do not let yourselves become entangled in the affairs of this life for then you cannot satisfy the one who has enlisted you. (II Tim2:4). I encourage believers all over the world to arise from sleep and let us get to work while it is still day. Spend more time in the secret place ( Your prayer closet) with fasting and the study of the word and you shall experience his Glory in your life.

Middle East – Prophetic Visions

The Lord revealed through a vision the coming conflict in the Middle East between the Jews and the Muslims. He took my spirit in the air over the Dome of the rock that is in Jerusalem. Then he took me inside the Dome which was very dark. The Lord spoke and said that there was a spirtual war going on at that moment over the Dome. The conflict will escalate in the natural and turn into a very bloody war. Lives on both sides will be lost. I saw missiles that were hidden in the ground. By the spirit of the Lord, I saw a person who removed the missiles from the ground, placed in on his shoulders and took it into a wooded area. I saw a large army that was dressed in red berets, green shirts, army pants with black boots. They were in drill position preparing for battle and the Lord said to me that the army and those removing the missiles will unite to make war against Isreal. Saints of God we must pray for Peace.


I saw many things that would take place in the Bahamas. Plane crashes. A major explosion in the workplace. There will be a major shake up in both political parties in the Bahamas. The nation and the leaders will be broken and humbled. Death and exposure will come to the spiritual leaders. A number of Pastors in the Bahamas will be exposed. Some will be cut down for the axe is laid at the root of the tree. I saw drugs coming in boats from a neighboring country.

“If you want to be a Glory carrier, come into the bedroom chamber of the Bridegroom”.

Be Blessed.