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Prophetic Word for 2010
February 18th, 2008
Twenty One days of Fasting

January 11,2010

A Word to the Body of Christ

This is what was spoken in my spirit by the Holy Spirit for the Body of Christ.

January 15, 2010 at about 10pm as I lay in the presence of the Lord in prayer, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart: “This year I want to do greatness in the earth”.

January 19th, 2010. Tuesday morning in prayer, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me and he began to speak prophetically concerning the church: “Get in position church so you can hear the new clarion sound from heaven, one that has gone through out the earth. The church must get in position as I shake the nations in the natural, so shall I shake it in the spiritual. You will experience my hand like never before”.

January 23rd, 2010. Saturday morning at 6am as I lay before the Lord, crying out for his presence, he spoke these words in my spirit: ” There will be more falling away in the churches amoung spiritual leaders, Yes, more exposure with the leaders. The bride’s love has gone cold”.

Word for the Bahamas

January 23rd, 2010. Bahamas be prepared for some bad weather. There is a dark cloud over the country. It is as if the enemy has come in and invade the land. The government will not be able to do anything about the crime in the country. The government is a part of the problem, to much corruption with the government employees. The country needs new leaders on both sides of the fence to help turn the country around, God says help comes from Him and Him alone not the government.

January 25th, 2010. Early in the morning around 1:23am, I went into prayer for my country, the Bahamas. The Holy Spirit spoke these words prophetically as I prayed, ” Bahamas I will rain down judgement upon the land” I began to cry out for mercy and for righteousness in the land. Then the Holy Spirit said “Do you want me to relent my intentions towards the Bahamas? Wickedness has come up to my nostril, you sow wickedness, you will reap wickedness. I am a just God. “Bahamas let us get down in sackcloth and ashes with a heart of repentance and cry out to this just and merciful God. The key is repentance.

A Word for the Church in the Bahamas

January 19th, 2010. During the night I began to pray for the body of Christ in the Bahamas. The Holy Spirit took me into deep intercession and he began to pray through me prophetically. The Holy Spirit spoke these words, “The church for too long has become diluted and full of compromise, dead religion, they cannont see or hear, its blinded by compromise and self ambition.” Shake yourself church of the living God, How long will you sleep? Who will blow the trumpet in the land? Who will blow the trumpet in Zion, sounding the alarm and letting their voices be heard as they warn my people?

Word for America

January 15th, 2010. In prayer these words were spoken to me. ” President Obama will leave America shipwreck.” I urge intercessors and believers in America to pray like never before, give God no rest for your country.

January 23rd, 2010. Friday morning at 6:00am, I went before the Lord in prayer. The spirit of intercession came upon me and I began to pray for Isreal. As I prayed I saw a paper being signed, then the Holy Spirit said that Isreal is been forced to sign an agreement. I continued looking at this paper and the Holy Spirit said ” I am the protector of the land not man, Jehovah and Jehovah alone will protect his land.” The Spirit of the Lord continued to speak to me and these words were spoken, ” I will declare judgement on America. America I have warned you today, judgement is pending, get ready America. I will judge you like never before, I did not leave you in charge of the world, the earh belongs to me. America you must govern and manage what I have given you, you want to force Isreal’s hand and my hand will be forced against you.”

Open Eye Visions

January 15, 2010. Five days into the fast, in a vision while in prayer I saw a very tall building that looked as if it was touching the sky. I say myself standing at the top of this building, looking down I realized how high I stood. Then I heard a male’s voice ( I did not see the man) speaking to me, he said: ” Do you see where you are? Do you want to fall from here? As he said these words I immediatley starting falling. I understood the depth of the fall and the height from which I was falling, in midair. I was stopped instantly and placed back on top of the building in a standing position. The voice then spoke to me again saying: ” If you want to keep your position, you have to stay in prayer and the word of God”.

Precious saints of God I shared this vision with you because I believe that in this new season that the church is moving into, all believers have to stay steadfast in prayer and the word to maintain our position in Christ Jesus.

January 16th, 2010. I was in praise and worship, when the Holy Spirit took me into deep intercession. As I lay prostrate before the Lord I began to see through my spirit eyes. I say myself going up into the heavens. I began struggling as I ascended and said in my heart that ” I am going higher in God and nothing and no one will stop me”. As I reapeated these words I saw myself midway off the ground and couldn’t go any higher. ( I saw this same vision before where I was going up into the heavens without any struggle and I went straight into the heavens.) I began quoting this scripture in my heart ” I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me”. I kept repeating this and noticed that I was ascending again into the clouds. When I looked, there was an angel, who came to me and said ” Let me help you go up”, he took my hands and we started upward into the heavens. As we climbed higher and higher above the clouds a voice spoke to me, I don’t know if it was the angel or not, just a male voice that said: “Let go off everything”. He started naming everything I must let go off one by one. As he called them of, I saw them falling back to the ground. When everything had fallen I continued soaring higher and higher into the heavens. I said in my heart that even though I was up high I was still not there as yet. The voice knew exactly what I was thinking and He spoke back to me, ” You haven’t passed Satan’s domain as yet”. I then came out of the vision.

Saints, the lesson I take from this vision to pass on to you, is that in order to go anywhere in God we must first, let go of everything in our lives and around us. There are little things that will hinder us from a deeper relationship in God and these same hinderances will cause us to struggle in soaring to new heights in God. We will not be able to penetrate the Kingdom of Darkness with the power and authority that the Lord Jesus has given to us. Ours hearts are crying out to God, to go higher in Him but many personal things in our lives causes us not to succeed in moving to the next level. Let go of ministry, religion, people, job, children and family and let us go higher in God this year.

January 31st, 2010. These words were spoken in my spirit Sunday morning as I knealt at my bed. The spirit of the Lord began to speak to me: “Turn my people back to me, tell my people to seek my face and turn wholeheartdely to me. Ahead for my church are mountains and some valleys, some will experience trouble an many will have to shut their doors becuase they can not pay their bills. For some there will be a time of drought, some a time of barrenness and others a time of fruitfulness and abundance of rain’.

January 18th, 2010. Monday morning during my time in prayer, as I lie there, the Holy Spirit showed me a giant size plastic baby bottle. It was blue green in color with a pink nipple holder. As I took in this scene I asked the Holy Spirit what does this mean and there was no answer. I continued to pray and then he answered: ” The church is on high alert and not aware of the signs becuase it is blinded”.

Church it is time to put away the baby bottle and come into maturity, where we are able to discern the seasons and time that awaits us. Babies cannot discern it. It is time to let go of the dependance in man and start eating the meat of the word of God for yourself.

Saints of the most high God this year the Lord is requiring us to choose to love him and obey him completely. To commit ourselves unto him for he is our life and our very being also that we may live long and prosperous lives. We have not been truly faithful and wholeheartedly committed to him. We are going to church, yes but not committed, preaching the gospel, but yet not truly committed, Prophesying but not committed. Our love has gone cold, that is why so many diseases are among the saints, divorces in the homes. We commit ourselves to everything and everyone except wholeheartedly our soul,mind and body unto the Lord.

Church this is a new season that we are moving into, one where we will see the manifestation of Deut 11:10-14. The Lord says in this season, I myself will be watching over you, I will rain down blessing from heaven, spiritual blessing and financial blessings. Yes in this season there is going to be mountain top and valley experiences, it is to let you know that rain comes from him and him alone.

The Lord says ” This season is not like in the past where you try to help me out with counterfeit manifestaions and call it my glory and blessings. I don’t need any help from the church, just obedience to my word. Love me with your whole heart and soul and I will pour out my glory in the earth like never before. The rain of my presence will be greater than the latter rain. What you have experience in the past will not compare to this new season”.

” A greater outpouring of my anointing. I want to pour out new wine and new oil. New wine from heaven, a freash revelation of my word. I want to intoxicate my bride, I want to bring forth new revelation of my word through the earth with a greater level of power and authority. The new oil is a freash anointing to move and operate under the divine power of the Holy Ghost with signs and wonders and delivering of souls. This new oil is not only for the church spiritually but also to enhance your natural abilities. I want to bless all the works of your hand, whatever you set out to do in this season. I want to bless the church. I want to open unto the church this season the treasures of heaven, hidden treasures into the word of God and realease it into the world. I want to give you the keys of wisdom and knowledge so that you will accomplish all that you have set your hearts to do in the earth for my glory”.

Church we are moving into a new season. God wants to display his glory in the earth through the saints. We must stay in position and don’t break rank. Let us obey the word of God and remember a season is not one year.