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Prophetic Word for 2011
March 14th, 2011
Birthed of out 21 days of Fasting

January 2011

During my time in isolation with the Lord, He showed me many visions and dreams; and spoke through prophetic utterance in prayer.

I will share with you some of what was given to me during my time with the Lord.


This prophetic word was spoken to me by the Holy Spirit about China during my time of intercession around 3:20am in the morning; it was my eighteenth day into fasting.

The hand of the Lord was heavy upon me, the anointing of intercession was very heavy on me, I was led by the Holy Spirit to pray for China. As I prayed the Holy Spirit began to speak to me through prophetic utterance.

This is what the Holy Spirit said….

“China! I will expose her nakedness ; she will be uncovered for the world to see. China you tipped the scale on other countries, now the scale will be tipped against you. China you are being weighed in the balance and the scale is being tipped against you. You played hard ball with other nations, I will play hard ball with you. China you are in glory now, but your shirt tale will be lifted up for the world to see, and all of your nakedness will be revealed. China will know that I am God.”

With the presence of God resting upon me, I asked the Holy Spirit to please show me what was to come. Suddenly as I continued to speak with the Holy Spirit in my heart, I saw a lot of very tall (sky scraper) buildings, hundreds of them, and as I looked at these buildings they began tumbling to the ground like pieces of paper, it looked like the earth opened up and the buildings were crumbling into the earth, massive amounts of crushed buildings were piled upon each other like a heap of dirt. It also looked like human bodies were amidst the great big heap. As I looked at this scene I started to cry for the lost souls in China and for the Lord to perserve the Christians in China. Saints China needs our prayers.


On the sixteenth day of my fast, while I was in prayer for the nations the Holy Spirit began to speak to me.

This is what He said to me…..”There is an upheaval coming to the White House of America. I am going to shake the White House, it will not be the devil, but I” says the Lord God…. “There will be some shocking news coming out of the White House”…… The Holy Spirit also said “I will shake the heart of the nations.”


On the twenty second day of fasting, at about 5:15am as I was seeking the presence of the Lord. The word of the Lord started coming to me for the Bahamas.

The first words the Holy Spirit said were… “ I am going to judge in the House of Assembly.” After those words were spoken, the Spirit of God said to me…..”Open your eyes, what do you see?”

At that moment I saw a coffin being carried out of the House of Assembly, then I saw a man dressed in a long black robe, as I looked at this man I said in my heart… this is Sir. Pindling ( the former deceased Prime Minister of the Bahamas). The the Holy Spirit spoke to me again, he said… “No it is not Sir Pindling.” He revealed who the person was to me. And he said…. “He has the spirit of Sir. Pindling and I am going to cut him down with the sword.”

At that moment I felt like someone had rested a house upon me. My spirit became heavy and saddened and I know I had to cry out for mercy. The moment these thoughts went through my mind,(to cry out for mercy for that person) the Holy Spirit spoke….”Don’t plead or cry to me for him, my mind is made up, his heart has become hardened. He will be cut down suddenly. He will prepare for the next election but will not be here for it. I am going to rise up a young man unknown; I will give the people a heart for him. He will have the fear of God in him. Both political leaders have sold this country to every devil from around the world. Judgement will strike to the very heart of this country.”

I can’t explain how I felt, at the moment. I was in shock and astonished at the information I was given.

On January 23rd 2011 at 4:45am the Holy Spirit gave me another word for one of the family islands in the Bahamas. He said…. ” There is a dark cloud hanging over this island. There is death all around, the death angel will walk again, wakeup the intercessors. Mothers and Fathers will weep and morn; mothers put on your mourning garments, get down in sack cloth and ashes. The death angel will walk again in the land.”


Eighteen days into my fasting as I was in prayer; the hand of the Lord was heavy upon me for intercessors. The Holy Spirit began to cry out in deep grief through me.

These were the words that were spoken…”Wake up intercessors, wake up, it is time to get back on the wall. The sound of travail has gone out; it is time to get into travailing, time for the labor pains to begin.”

After these words were spoken to me…. He continued to speak again… He said “Can’t you hear the voice of the cry of young men and women crying out in hell because there were no intercessors crying out for them? Intercessors have fallen asleep and there is no travailing. Call for the travailing women, the daughters of Zion from the four corners of the earth that they may go into travail; that the sound of travail may rise in Heaven.”

The Body of Christ

On Saturday January 15th 2011 during my time with the Lord, I was laying on the floor crying out for His presence in my life, as I lay there purifying and longing for Him in quietness; The Holy Spirit began to speak to me about ” the body of Christ “. This is what he said…..”Rosie.. there is a refreashing coming, a refreashing of my presence, a refreashing like refiners fire.” I said Lord please prepare your bride for the refreashing of your presence; clean us up so that we will be ready for your refreashing.

There will be a newness about the bride of Christ. It is like a fresh wind. The church is about to embark upon a newness like she has never seen before. The hand of God will be mighty upon some of His children in an unprecedented way. These people will be ordinary common people in the body of Christ that have been seeking the face of God in fasting and praying like John the Baptist God is going to show Himself strong in their lives and ministries in a miraculous way.

The Holy Spirit spoke again in my spirit and said…. “ This year(2011) I will do the impossible and the miraculous for my children… those who stay steadfast in their faith. My people’s faith will be tested this year like never before, they will be stretched, tested and tried in every area of their faith; the stretching and testing is coming to bring the church’s faith to another level in God, to believe me for what I say; the impossible and the miraculous,… He said, I am shaking my chosen ones.”

I am giving it as it was given to me. The words were spoken to me…. “ Where are the travailing women, where are the travailing daughters of Zion, the sound fo travail has gone forth from Heaven throughout the earth. The earth is in labor pains, the earth is groaning and travailing waiting for the daughters of Zion to come in travail. Let the labor pains begin, get the midwives ready church, get in the birthing position. Get in position bride of Christ… I want to do the miraculous in the body of Christ, in demonstrating the power of God in signs and wonders; no longer will signs and wonders be far and few in the body of Christ; you will no longer be known as a powerless church. I want to display my glory through the earth, through the church.”

Church we must get in the birthing position to birth out the next move of God; how long will we stay in this prayerless and powerless position; look alive… but dead.

This generation and the next will not be won over just by preaching and emotionalism; we need the demonstration of the power of God back in the household of faith.

When Jesus came He came to bring a new era, the next great move to the church and to the earth. (Matt:4:23-25) says, Jesus traveled throughout Galilee teaching in the synagogues, preaching everywhere the good news about the kingdom; and healed people who had every kind of sickness and disease. Isreal had never seen this before; His preaching was fresh, new and with authority. He went into the wilderness fasting and praying and came out with power and authority (Luke 4:1,14,15,18-19).

Saints of God… God is not moved by our positions, fame or the number of people in our local churches; man may be moved by this… but not God. He is moved by our faith and obedience to Him and His word. He will also be moved by the level of hunger and thirst in our lives for Him. God is looking for some hungry and passionate people that will seek His face like never before. He is going to endow them with His power and anointing; that His glory will be displayed through the earth. These are the people in the body of Christ that will move in the miraculous power of God.. you have to pay a price.

The Holy Spirit began to share with me the necessity for the church in the this season to move and operate in the power of God in signs and wonders:


1. His bride needs to be delivered there are to many in the house of God who are bound up and broken,that need deliverance in their minds, healing in their bodies, and are hurting in their souls and need to be whole.

2. The kingdom of darkness has released another level of forces on the earth and in order for the church to stand and prevail against this level of evil spirits that has been released; He has to endow us with another level of power and authority.

The Spirit of God spoke to me around 4:30am… He said “There is a day of reckoning coming to the churches; I am going to pluck up and tear down, sift out from the head to tail, there will be a wasting away”.

Right before those words were spoken to me, I was led to pray for the pastors, as I prayed the Spirit of the Lord began to speak; this is what He said….” This year some more exposure will come amoung spirtual leaders, I will not only expose…. some will be cut down (death amoung pastors); all the past exposure have not changed the hearts of some of them, their hearts are stubborn and rebellious.”

Saints!…. I have shared with you some of what I was allowed to share; God wants to do great and awesome things in the body of Christ, but in the midst of this there will be great judgement, testing, and stretching in the church. He has already put in the hearts of some of His children a greater desire for His presence and prayer and fasting. The fasting and prayer will bring us to another level of holiness and righteousness. We will not and cannot move to the next level of power in our current condition.

The lifestyle of God’s people must come up to God’s standard, not the churches standard and or your standard. God has a standard and He will not compromise for the bride as much as He love us.

That standard is Holiness; Holiness that is why it will be ordinary people in the body of Christ who seeks Him and live a life before Him that is pleasing …. He will use in signs and wonders in a great way.

Let me share one of the visions that I had during my time with the Lord… for there were many visions, but I will share this one becuase you will understand better why we must live a more holy life and why God said that He will bring the church to another level of power and authority. It is a necessity to live a Holy life.

On Sunday January 30th,2011 at 3:20am…I saw this vision on the twentieth day into my fasting. After praying and laying in His presence in quietness; the hand of the Lord was still heavy upon me and with my eyes closed, and covers pulled over my head, I had just come out of an intense time of intercession.

I felt I was led to begin praying again and as I was lying there praying…. I looked up and say an image that looked like a “grave”… so I began to pray and I said in my heart; why am I looking at a grave?… then I kept praying, and the image remained in front of me.. Then as I looked the ground began to rise, right in front of my eye; it kept rising higher and higher until the earth suddenly burst open and created a large hole and out of the ground came two demons, they has the appearance of monsters, and they both were gigantic.

As I am lying in my bed I could not believe what I was seeing. The two beasts came up out of the ground… I stopped praying and began pleading the blood of Jesus Christ…. I said in the authority of the name of Jesus Christ and the power of the His blood I send you back to the bottomless pit.”… and I kept on repeating it for a long while. Then I saw myself standing next to the two creatures, I had something in my hand (I knew it was the blood of Jesus) and I threw it on them, and as I did that the creatures began to go back down into the hole… and I spoke and said….. ” I sprinkle the blood of Jesus Christ on you; one drop of the blood of Jesus Christ will destroy your powers.” I continued to repeat this until they went back into the hole.

As I lay there, I could not believe what I just saw, and all I could say was “ Oh my God I cannot believe this.. I cannot believe what I just saw.” I have had many similiar visions; and some were more glorious visions. I shared this one so that you could see the real forces of evil that the church is dealing with;…. not a thing of the past… Church we have to get in position, clean up our act and get real with God. It is time to stop playing church; Pastors, Bishops, the whole body of Christ… get it right! It is time to start living Holy and righteous. The enemy has released another level of more powerful demons on the earth and only the church of the living God has the power and authority to prevail over these forces.

In the midst of the miraculous power of God there is great judgement coming… GET RIGHT CHURCH… let the fire of the Holy Spirit clean us.

Prophets & Prophetic People

Wednesday February 2nd, 2011…. as I lay in the presence of the Lord. I saw myself going into Jesus’ side. I have seen this picture many times before, but this time I went to Jesus’ side then the Holy Spirit begun to speak, He said… ” You have to stay in my womb, there is a spirit of deception that has been released and wants to attach it self to me or any Prophet that it could; stay in my womb, that you will know my voice, from the spirits voice( spirit of deception); this spirit will sound like the truth, but it will not be the truth. He will give you prophetic words that are false and you will think it is from God.”

Then the Holy Spirit said…. “Many have been deceived by this spirirt, giving words of knowledge and prophecy; thinking in their hearts that they heard from God, and it was the spirit of deception.

I asked “why Lord”…. because they are not spending enough time with Him and would not stay in His womb so that the gift cannot become contaminated.

Prophets live a lonely life and in a lot of isolation in order to hear clearly from God, and also to see clearly; you can’t have a busy lifestyle and yet be able to hear the sound of heaven and know that heart beat of God.”

God Bless you saints I pray that all that I have shared with you will encourage, inspire and draw you closer to the Lord. May God continue the good work that he has started in you and may you seek him like never before, God Bless.

Prophetess Reckley