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Prophetic Word 2012
March 23rd, 2012


(The Bride of Jesus Christ)

“Tell my bride, the bride groom is on His way back, watch and pray, I am coming sooner than you think.”

There is a deep longing in the spirit for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the Father’s will and heart beat that the bride awaken and echo the sound of heaven, “O if only the bride would get in position so that she may echo the sound of heaven.”Word that came to me in prayer;

“Warn the church; warn my people, there is a wave of storms that is coming to the church. I the Lord am sending these storms; and neither your gifts nor your charisma will be able to stand in the storms that are coming.Only the saints that are grounded and rooted in the power of prayer will ride the waves of the storms.

There will be trouble in every direction. This wave of storms that is coming will cause churches to dismantle, small churches and big churches will be shaken.Weak and strong marriages will fall apart. Some people are already in the beginning of their storm.

I am awakening my bride to a greater desire for prayer. I will put a greater desire in my people for prayer, they will return to me through prayer and the church will be a praying church again.Wake up my bride look and see what is on the horizon. I am sending the storms; the storms will cleanse the house of God. I will expose and judge in the house of God, I am shaking the church; yes I am shaking my house.Big names and unknown names will be exposed. Great exposure is coming to the body of Christ. I am cleaning my house. There will be more scandals in the church among the leaders and in the church pews in the area of homosexuality, lesbianism, and adultery.

Leaders are abusing my people; they are getting fat from the generosity of my people.
There is no more fear for Holiness in my house. The sins of my leaders have risen up to me. This is a new day in the Body of Christ and I cannot let old wine remain in new wine skins. I will not let sin go covered, under the garment of religion..” Church there has been a shift in the realm of the spirit. Shifting in the spiritual; and there will also be a shift in the natural among the nations in the area of governments. Individual and corporate ministries who have labored in prayer and fasting will experience a shift in their local church and their personal lives. This shift will bring a deeper desire for seeking the face of God in your life. The Holy Spirit has released the keys to the supernatural in the area of healing and deliverance to some individuals and churches and through the body of Christ they will move into the gifts of healing and deliverance.

This is a new day in the realm of the spirit. You will experience the shift in your prayer life and times of worship.This shift will bring a deeper desire for seeking the face of God in your life.The Holy Spirit has released the keys to the supernatural in the area of healing and deliverance to some individuals and churches and through the body of Christ they will move into the gifts of healing and deliverance. In a vision: I was shown a man standing with a very large key ring in his hand On the key ring were two keys, the keys were ancient keys in description. Then he said; “I have release the keys of healing and deliverance go and use them”.

The word of the Lord came to me in prayer;
“I am going to do something phenomenal in the earth, the unusual. I am birthing out a NEW DAY, get ready for the NEW DAY.”

In a vision;
The Holy Spirit showed me a mighty general sitting in the back of a car with another person. The car was an antique model; look like a car from the 1930’s -40’s. As I look at this great man of God in this car driving off very slow, I ask the Holy Spirit why I am seeing this man of God in this car. Then these words were spoken to me; “I ‘am taking my servant home”

The word of the Lord came to me in prayer;
“I am birthing out intercessors after my own heart, I am looking through out the earth for faithful intercessors. Intercessors that will stay on the wall and not come down. The church is in trouble and I need faithful intercessors that will travail in labor pains for the bride. Intercessors that will hear the sound of heaven, and pray the sound down to earth.….. Who will stand in the gap for the nations, who will cry out for the condition of the nations?”

The word of the Lord came to me in prayer for the Bahamas;
“The next Prime Minister of The Bahamas will have a very difficult time in office due to the state of the country. There is a shaking coming in the Bahamas, everything that can be shaken will be shaken in the country; the government will be shaken with a might force shaking. Get ready Bahamas, there is a mighty shaking coming. The churches will also be shaken. After the general election there will be a major shifting in the country. I the Lord God is doing the shifting, not man; this shift is my shifting, hearts will fail because of the shift that I will do in the Land….O how the mighty have fallen.”

The word of the Lord came to me in a vision;
I saw the Bahamian flag flying in the most beautiful blue sky, high in the sky.
Then I saw China’s flag flying also. China’s flag were flying along side the Bahamas flag and both flags were flying in this beautiful blue sky. They were flying together, as I continue to look at these two flags flying in the air; then I saw China’s flag came and emerge into the Bahamas flag and both flags became one flag flying in the air. As china’s flag emerge into the Bahamas flag you could still see both countries emblems on the flag. Half of the flag had China’s emblem and half had the Bahamas emblem. China’s emblem were first and then Bahamas emblem. As I watch this scene unfold before me I ask the Lord what does this mean.

“Warn the Bahamas, Bahamas wakeup and open your eyes of understanding, stop allowing the god of politics to keep you blind, deaf and dull of understanding. If you don’t your gods will cause you to pay a very heavy price if you don’t wake up. When you finally wake up you and your off spring will pay the price. Bahamas this general election is the most crucial election in the history of the Bahamas. The servitude of this election is liken unto that of when the Bahamas was crossing over from white minority rule to black majority rule. Wake up Bahamas, and don’t allow the gods of politics to keep you drunk (in a trans) you have been intoxicated too long. Drunk with politics, wake up. Hear the word of the Lord.”

The word of the Lord came to me in prayer.
“Warn the churches. Let go of your political gods. Let go of the idolatry that is among you. Remove your gods that you may see again. Your gods have you blind, deaf and in a trans. Leaders some of you, your nakedness will be exposed. Remove the idol gods and seek God like never before. The state of this country is resting upon the church. This country is only the reflection of the condition of the churches in this country.”

The word of the Lord for intercessors in the Bahamas:

“Intercessors go into travail, go into travail for your land. Take up a weeping wailing in the land, weep over the land. There must be weeping and wailing for the sins in the land.”

The word of the Lord came to me in prayer for America.
“I am going to use the government (President) of America to humble America right down. There is more humbling coming America. I am not finished yet. Then you will know that there is a God I America.”

The Nations;
“The nations of the earth I will continue to shake. Small and great nations will I shake; I am going to judge. I am going to judge the nations of the earth with great judgment. The sins of the nations have come up to my nostrils, detestable and shameful sins. The cry of the children is ringing in my ear. The blood of the innocent is before my eyes. Who has an ear to hear let him hear….I will judge the nations”

In a vision:
I saw Bin-Laden sitting on a mat with both legs lapped across each other. He had a white turban on his head. As I looked at his image I said, Lord why I am seeing Bin-Laden and he is dead. Then the word of the Lord came to me; “That is not him the spirit of Bin-Laden will rise again. The terrorist attacks will resurge, the enemy will use a man as he used Bin-Laden.”