2016 Prophetic Word

36 DAYS OF PRAYER AND FASTING (January 18- February 22, 2016)

This is what was given to me after 36 days with the Holy Spirit.


On Monday February 1, 2016 the Holy Spirit spoke these words while I was in Prayer. “Rosie tell my church that I am coming, it may not look like I am coming but I am coming. Prepare for my coming get up off doing nothing, work while it is day I am coming, prepare for my coming.

Stand still and watch the salvation of the Lord I am about to break-forth in the earth I am doing a new thing.
I have sent out a cry throughout the earth those who have a listening ear have already heard the cry “The Cry for my children to draw closer to me, drawer closer like never before. Stay in the pocket of the Holy Spirit there is no room for coming out, stay in His Pocket. I am about to break-forth in the earth I am doing a new thing.”

On February 10, 2016 Wednesday the 24th day as I was in the presence of the Lord. The Holy Spirit spoke these words to me about the Body of Christ. “This is a pivotal time for the church, the body of Christ is at a crossroad they are asleep and don’t even know what time it is.
As this word was being given to me, I felt the seriousness of what was being said, I said Holy Spirit I don’t understand all of this please explain it to me, then the Holy Spirit said “The church is at a crossroad, it is decision making time, it is time to decide, are you going all the way in serving me or stay at the crossroad? “ Then the Holy Spirit asked me the question. “Rosie, which way are you going? I gave Him my answer, and then the Holy Spirit spoke again. “After the decisions have been made, there will be many deaths. He said to me. “Rosie don’t be one of them.”
Then the Holy Spirit spoke these words. “Judgement began first at the house of God. I must first judge the house of God before I judge the nations; I must first judge the pulpits before I judge the pews. Every back slidden preacher will be judged in this season.” Then the Holy Spirit said again. “Rosie tell my church that I am coming, I am coming. Rosie as sure as you can hear my voice, the time for the superstars are past. I am impregnating unknown gifts, filling them with my word and my Spirit; I will use them to do great things in the earth. I am looking for vessels of humility, pure vessels, and faithful vessels.”

Wednesday February 3, 2016 as I was seeking the heart of the father, these words were spoken to me. “There is massive fading away that is coming to the church, this falling away will be though the earth, even within churches in the Bahamas, and it will be so great that it will be noticeable many doors will close, people will stop going to church in the midst of the falling away there will be a great move of God. Those that stand through this will experience my hand in a mighty way. The falling away must come for me to demonstrate my Glory in the church once again.”

On Monday February 18, 2016 as I sat before the Lord He began to speak these words to me. I want the church to get back to the heart of prayer. I desire to see the church praying and travailing again for what is ahead. Spiritual leaders are not praying and seeking my face. Saints have fallen into idolatry because they are not praying; when Israel began to pray and seek my face they destroyed all their false gods that were among them, they destroyed the high places. When Israel stop praying and seeking “Me” they turned back to their false gods and built altars, all over the land. The church has taken up false gods, their spiritual leaders that I placed among you to equip and perfect you for the work of my ministry have become your gods. When my people stop seeking my face and praying, they turned to seek the attention and affection of the spiritual leaders. Rosie tell my people, turn and seek my face, come after my love, affection and attention, I will bless you richly. I want to hear the voice of my children, as a small child cries after his father’s attention and affection, so I want to hear the voice of my children crying out to me.

Saturday January 30, 2016, as I was in His presence, He began to speak to me about the spiritual conditions of the body of Christ. This is what was spoken in my spirit.
“The body of Christ is in a spiritual drought, from the leader’s straight down,” the Holy Spirit began to explain this spiritual drought. “When there is a drought the soil becomes very dry and parched.”
My spiritual eyes were opened as the Holy Spirit began to speak to me. I saw what looked like a corn field, the ground was so dry until there were cracks in the ground, and the soil was reddish in color. I could see the corn stalks they were very tall, there were miles of brown withered corn stalks. Some had corn and some had no corn. The corns that were there they were very small and withered.

As I looked at this corn field, then the Holy Spirit spoke again. He said, “the same way in a spiritual drought you are dried up and withered, the corn stalks were still standing in the field, but they were dead, no sign of green life in the corn field,” He said, “so is the church, still standing singing, preaching, but no sign of life, the drought has taken away the greenness and freshness. In a drought there is no fruitfulness, nothing can grow, every seed that was planted dies, and the one that springs up it is withered by the lack of rain.” He said, “In a spiritual drought your thirst and hunger to seek my face is not there, there is no hunger or thirst for prayer or my word. The seed of the word that was planted, it dies. I want to send my rain that you may be fruitful. I want to rain on my bride, as I rained down manna for the children of Israel in the wilderness. Let me rain on you.”

I am doing a new thing in the earth, come up higher my children, come up higher climb up higher to the mountain of God, come up higher where you could hear the sound of heaven I will sound the alarm among the heathens. Cry out for the rain, cry out for the rain of my presence, cry out for my freshness, cry out for the newness and fruitfulness. Cry out for me to revive you, cry out for me to restore you, I will hear your cry and answer your hearts cry. Have I not said, those that seek me will find me, they that hunger and thirst I will fill.

In this season you will have to know my voice. I am raising up unknown gifts, anointing them. If you don’t know my voice you will miss what I am saying and doing in the earth and go after familiar voices. Cry out for the rain, cry out for the rain of my presence, cry out for the fruitfulness, cry out for me to revive you, cry out for me to restore you. I will hear your cry and answer your hearts cry. Have I not said those that seek me will find me? They that hunger and thirst, I will fill.”

“In this season you will have to know my voice, I am rising up unknown vessels, anointing them; they will be used mightily by me. If you don’t know my voice you will miss what I am doing and what I am saying in the earth. You will go after the familiar voices (well known gifts).”

“Some in ministry are very frustrated and tired, ready to throw in the towel, (Pastors, Prophets, Evangelist’s, preachers in general) and have given up…..don’t give up in well doing, turn and seek me wholeheartedly in prayer and fasting, I am sending the helper (the Holy Spirit) to help with the work of the ministry. He will help you and ease the burden and the load, just don’t give up, allow the process to work its course; it is just your processing period. Just how gold and silver has to go through a process to be used and put on display, so must you go through the process to be used for the greater glory. Don’t give up stay the course.”

Friday February 5, 2016 as I was in the presence of the Lord, His hand was heavy upon me all day; this is because of the word He spoke to me during this time. “The church is powerless and there are far and few miracles because, there is little prayer going on. There is little prayer behind the preaching and little prayer behind the singing. Preachers are preaching but not praying, worshipers are singing, but no praying behind the worshiping Church. Prayer is the key that will unlock the door to the miraculous, prayers will give you access to the power source that is so needed in the church. Prayer was the key behind Jesus’s ministry (Luke 9:18, 14:1-14, 5:15-16). Prayer was the key behind the early Apostles ministries (Acts 3:1, 4:24-31, 6:4). Prayers must be the keys for the church still today.”



On Tuesday February 9, 2016, in prayer and worship, the Holy Spirit began to deal with me about intercessors and the ministry of Jesus Christ (in Heaven). The words that were spoken were these words. “I just want intercessors in this season to get it right in their lives, to clean up their lives whatever is hindering your lives to clean it up. I want to use Intercessors in a mighty way in this season. Rosie they will be used strongly in the prophetic, the prophetic will be more sharp than ever before. It is Intercessors that I will use to pick up on the radar what is going on in the nations with governments and their strategies for plans of evil; I will use Intercessors to dismantle their evil plans.
I am looking for an army of Intercessors not an army of preachers, not an army of singers an army of Intercessors who will enlist in the ministry of Jesus Christ (Ministry of Intercession) I need Intercessors who are willing to put down your ministry and take up the ministry of Jesus Christ. Intercessors you are praying but don’t have my heartbeat, don’t have my mind or my burdens. The earth is being more and more void of the true heart of Intercession and heaven is hearing less and less of a clear cry of true Intercession.
I am calling Intercessors from all over the nations. I am enrolling Intercessors in the army of God. I am anointing and equipping them to take back the nations. Overthrow governments. Through the power of Intercession, they will tumble and overthrow governments and rise up righteous governments. They will go into the heart of hell and snatch out souls. This army will march throughout the nations tumbling governments and raising up righteous governments, setting souls free from the captivity of the enemy.”

Then on Monday January 25, 2016 as I was in prayer the Holy Spirit began to speak to me. This is what was said to me. “Intercessors, it is time to travel, it is travailing time Zion, get in the birthing position. When Zion travail then she will give birth. It is time to travail, to bring forth the new sound in the earth. Come up higher; come up higher that you may hear the sound. Zion has to give birth to the new sound in the earth; you are still too low to hear the clear sound.”


On Saturday February 6, 2016 the presence of the Lord was very strong upon me and the Holy Spirit began to speak to me about the churches in the Bahamas. This is what He said. “As for the churches in this country, some of them have become an abomination to my name. For a certain Pastor the light has already gone out, the oil has dried up. They have gone the road of their American counterparts.”
As I was receiving this word I saw through my spiritual eyes the image of a person as a King sitting on their throne with a crown on their head. They had on a Kings robe. The robe was velvet red in color with white around the edges of the neck, and a royal scepter in his hand. The scepter was gold in color. As I looked at this scene the Holy Spirit said, “Set themselves up as King in their attitude.”
The Holy Spirit also said, “Witchcraft and homosexuality are also in my house in high places in the churches. There is exposure coming among Pastors in this country, some big names and not so big names. I will expose the churches in the Bahamas. They will experience this massive fading away that is coming to the church. Those that stay steadfast will experience my hand in a mighty way. The falling away must come for me to demonstrate my Glory in the church once again.”


This word was given to me for the Bahamas on Saturday January 23, 2016. This what the Holy Spirit spoke in my spirit.
“There is a shift coming in this country, just as the weather shifts so will this country shift. A Shift will come to Parliament and in the church. He said look how the wind is causing the trees to bow. Every tree is bowing to the pressure of the wind, so will those in authority bow under the intense pressure of the shift.”
As I lay in the presence of the Lord, He spoke these words, “Pray for this nation, Mr. Perry Christie is getting ready to make a decision that is going to be a major disaster for this country. The next election I will sweep the House of Assembly clean. One of the greatest shifts that have never taken place in this country will take place in this coming election, even Perry Christie will be astonished by what will happen. Rosie, the people of this nation has put this country in the hands of thugs, they have taken it out of the hands of witchcraft workers and put it in the hands of thugs, and they are operating without integrity, and running this country without integrity.

This is how rebellious the people are, it shows the level of rebellion in the country, and my people have the unction to come into my Holy Temple with their defiling paraphernalia’s (flags) during election in my Temple. How dare they bring in my Temple defiling things? Thugs do business without integrity; that is how Perry Christie is doing business in this country. Perry Christie’s words are untrustworthy. His words cannot be trusted.
As for Branville McCartney I will raise up another within the party and give the mantle to someone that will be more fear to my people and have more fear for me and my word.
Rosie, if the Bahamian people only knew the wastefulness of this government, they would put their hands on their heads and scream; every man for himself, everyone has their hand in the cookie jar.”
Before this word was spoken to me, the first words the Holy Spirit said were “misuse of financial funds.” He said “Some will leave office in a shameful way. The land is polluted and it is full of witchcraft and perversion. These two spirits are the leading spirits in the land. These spirits are in the government and in the courthouse; some in government are in homosexuality and into witchcraft. It is stink in my nostril. I will expose them.” Then the Holy Spirit said again. “Bahamas, there are some tough times coming.

San Salvador in the Bahamas will feel the effects of my hand again, this time even the dogs will be humble. I will move upon the water, I will move upon the waters, I will walk upon the waters. The Bahamas will feel the wind of my nostrils. I will blow in the land from the east to the west, north and south; this country will feel my wind in a mighty way.



As I was in prayer, these words were spoken to me for Grand Bahama. “The Grand Bahama Port Authority will tumble, there will be new leadership, new owners. The drought for Grand Bahama is coming to an end. The drought for Grand Bahama is over; new life will spring up again.


The church in America (The body of Christ)

On Saturday February 6, 2016, as I was in prayer, The Holy Spirit began to speak to me about the condition of the church in America. He said, “This is one of the saddest state for the church in America spiritually. The church is in an apostate condition; idolatry is rampant among the saints. For most ministries it is not about the work of the Lord, it is all about business. The preaching of the Word of God is not about bringing people to the knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ; it is about another check and speaking invitations. Wrong is right and right is wrong. There are some terrible times ahead, stand like you never stood before. Some will drown; some will suffocate into the gods of this world. Let me take off the garment of compromise and prayerlessness, I want to clothe you in the garment of righteousness, holiness and the spirit of prayer.


This word came to me for America on Tuesday February 9, 2016.

As I was in prayer the Holy Spirit spoke these words.
“America will have a great tumble; it will be said “O’ how the mighty has fallen.” “There are many dark days ahead for America, many dark days. Intercessors weep for America, take up a weeping, go into travail as Rachael wept for her children, weep for America. More bloodshed in the streets of America, the streets will be full of blood, gang activities will arise like you never seen it before, the enemy will release its fury on America, brothers will kill brothers, mothers will kill their children and children will kill their parents.”
The Holy Spirit said, “tell the church in America to arise and take her rightful position in the land, she will be the only hope for America. Rise up Intercessors, rise up, weep over the land, weep Intercessors and travail for America, give the Father no rest, O’ Intercessors weep for what is coming. O’ how the mighty has fallen, America will fall. Look how low she has fallen.”
As these words were coming to me my spiritual eyes were opened. I saw the Statue of Liberty, I could see the woman that is on the top of the tower falling from the tower, I also saw what looked like buildings crumbling, it was a chaotic scene.
The Holy Spirit continued to speak, He said, “Your money will be no good to you, you will tumble; weep Intercessors, weep for America.”
Then these words came to me about the President of the United States (Barak Obama), He said, “Obama will do a lot of underhanded deals before he leaves, plenty dirt behind the scene. He will sell out America down the pipelines. Obama’s words are untrustworthy; his words are not to be trusted.”
These words He kept repeating over and over, “Obama will sell America down the pipeline,” “Obama will sell America down the pipeline.” “As America goes so does the nations of the world.”


On February 9, 2016 these words were spoken to me in prayer.

“Iran is fighting with all of its financial resources and power to make one of the most dangerous atomic bombs to use against humanity that mankind has ever seen.”



On Tuesday February 9, 2016, as I was in prayer for the nations, the Holy Spirit began to speak to me about Israel.
He said, “I will arise in Israel, I will arise in the land of Israel, as the sun rises in the east, so shall I rise in Israel, man will once again see my Glory in the land of Israel. I am rising up Intercessors right in the land of Israel who are praying and crying out for the salvation of Israel. I have called them to the nation of Israel just for this purpose, to pray for Israel. I am the one who drew them to Israel; my Spirit will be awakened again in the land of Israel. My Glory will arise again in Israel.”